Hi my name is Paola and I am a first year M. Architecture student at the University of Pennsylvania. I created this blog as a Student Ambassador to give an small insight to future PennDesign students of the amazing things happening here at UPenn. I want to mainly focus on three aspects on life as a student at Penn: Beyond Meyerson, Philadelphia fun, and Student life.

Beyond Meyerson: As design students, we spend a lot of time in our design studios working on projects. Expanding our horizons is often a challenge, but when we do, we strive to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

Philadelphia Fun: You are in Philadelphia!One of the most amazing cities in terms of architecture, culture, and FOOD! There are events happening around Philadelphia all the time, and I want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of them.

Student Life: The students at Penn are some of the best in the country and you could be one of them! This section will highlight student work from all different levels and disciplines as well as showcase other things we have the privilege of participating in as design students. Hopefully something will catch your attention and make you want to delve into the PennDesign world.